Tajikistan rejects Kyrgyzstan’s allegations of violating state border

The authorities of Kyrgyzstan stated that the troops of the neighbouring country had infiltrated into an undelimitated section of the state border.

The State Committee for National Security of Tajikistan commented on the allegations by the authorities of Kyrgyzstan of breaking the border consensus reached between them during recent talks. The State Committee for National Security noted that those allegations were not factual, the Khovar News Agency reported on June 4.

The Kyrgyz side stated that the Tajik militants had infiltrated 1,000 metres into its territory and installed a container on an undelimitated section of the Unzhu-Bulak border in Chon-Alai district, Osh Region. Bishkek called on Dushanbe to dismantle the container and leave the territory.

The officials of Tajikistan responded that the border patrol had been deployed on the agreed territory. The State Committee for National Security noted that the deployment conformed to the parity principle in the protection of the state border. Kyrgyzstan switched its border troops to a high-alert regime.

As was reported, the situation on the Tajik-Kyrgyz border worsened in late April at the Golovnaya water distribution point due to the disagreement about the ownership of the facility. 19 citizens of Tajikistan were killed in the clash between local residents and militants. Bishkek reported 36 deaths.

08 июн 2021, 09:47
Photo source: sputnik.tj

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