Tajikistan and Uzbekistan re-discuss demarcation of border

The government delegations exchanged views on the location of boundary markers and signed a protocol.

The government delegations of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, who are the members of the joint border demarcation commission, held talks from 17 to 22 May in Khujand town. The parties discussed a number of issues related to the delineation of the common border between the two states, the press office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan reported.

The officials dwelt on a proposed demarcation line and exchanged views on the location of boundary markers along the Tajik-Uzbek border. The parties agreed to continue demarcation fieldwork.

The members of the above commission signed a protocol during the meeting.

As was reported, the representatives of the two countries held the meeting in late March. The parties agreed on topographic and geodetic works before the previous meeting.

The length of the border between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan is over 1,330 kilometres. Two border liaison offices opened in the territory concerned about a week ago.

25 май 2021, 07:16
Photo source: sputnik.tj

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