Kazakhstan to use its own vaccine in 2 days

The first batch of the domestically produced vaccine was manufactured at the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems (NIIPB).

On April 22, Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Yeraly Tugzhanov took part in the ceremony of dispatching the first batch of the domestically produced QazVac vaccine (QazCovid-in). The first 50,000 doses were supplied to SK-Pharmacia, from where they will be distributed to the vaccination centres in the regions. The people of the country will start receiving this vaccine on April 26, the press office of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan reports.

This batch of vaccine is manufactured at the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems (NIIPB). Currently, the construction of a biopharmaceutical plant is nearing completion in Kordai district, Zhambyl Region. After the plant is put into operation, it will manufacture the QazVac vaccine. Tugzhanov noted that the development of the vaccine placed Kazakhstan among the top five countries in the world that had developed their own COVID-19 vaccine.

The next 50,000 doses will be manufactured in May. Manufacturers are planning to increase their vaccine production capacity up to 500,000-600,000 doses per month. QazVac is included in the WHO registry. Its safety and ability to elicit stronger immune responses have been confirmed at the status level.

The specialists from the NIIPB said the vaccine caused no vaccine-associated diseases and was easy to transport. No special refrigeration equipment is required to transport the vaccine; it can be stored at temperature up to + 8°C.

24 апр 2021, 09:00
Photo source: primeminister.kz

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