Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to sign agreement on emergency response

The Minister of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan was to draft and sign an interstate agreement on civil defense, disaster prevention and response.

The Government of Kazakhstan represented by Minister for Emergency Situations Yuri Ilyin will sign an agreement on cooperation in civil defense and disaster prevention and response with the Turkmen side, KazTAG reported. 

The activities under the agreement will be conducted in compliance with the national laws of the two states and are contingent upon funding by each of the parties. Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are planning to interact in a number of areas, including disaster forecasting and disaster impact assessment, monitoring of environmental technogenic and natural hazards and exchange of information on emergency prevention, preparedness and response and technologies.

Joint activities also include the exchange of experience in promoting awareness among the population regarding disaster preparedness, including emergency medical care, coordination of interactions among government agencies and competent authorities to respond to emergency and mutual assistance.

The document provides for joint publications and reports, joint planning, development and implementation of research projects, exchange of scientific and technical information and research findings, joint conferences on emergency prevention and response, seminars, workshops, exercise and drills, training of specialists at educational institutions of the other side and exchange of interns, teachers, scientists and specialists.

21 апр 2021, 09:29
Photo source: kursiv.kz

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