Uzbekistan to implement 812 projects worth US$ 1.32 billion

273 projects will be implemented in industry, 277 projects – in the service sector and 262 projects – in agriculture. They are to create 23,000 new jobs.

On March 23, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited Khorezm Region, where he attended the presentation of the investment projects to be implemented in the region. With the view to boosting the development of the region, 812 investment projects will be implemented in 2021, including 273 projects in industry, 277 projects in the service sector and 262 projects in agriculture. They are to create over 23,000 new jobs. US$ 1.32 billion will be committed to the projects, the press office of the President of Uzbekistan reported to

The leader of Uzbekistan identified the major growth points and instructed to develop them fully, providing reliable local employment.

The emphasis was placed on the need to increase the levels of raw cotton processing in Khorezm. The investment projects will allow increasing yarn production to 104,000 tonnes, fabric production to 49,000 tonnes and garment production to 152 million pieces. The relevant production facilities will begin working in several districts in 2021.

6 projects will be launched in the automotive industry. The new production facility that will produce 100 types of auto body parts and spare parts will help substitute US$ 20 million worth of imports.

With the view to achieving food safety and price stability, it is expected to increase fruit and vegetable production by 151,000 tonnes this year. 20 projects will be implemented in the livestock industry, 24 projects – in the poultry industry and 8 projects – in the fishing industry in the region.

Mirziyoyev positively evaluated the projects and instructed to design more development plans.

As was reported, the leader of Uzbekistan had recently given instructions to find growth points in all mahallas and provide reliable local employment.

26 мар 2021, 08:15
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