Tajikistan falls in Internet speeds rankings

As of January 2021, the Republic ranks 129th among 140 countries on the Speedtest Global Index.

The Republic of Tajikistan has worsened its position in the rankings of countries by fastest mobile and fixed broadband speeds on the Speedtest Global Index. As of January 2021, Tajikistan ranks 129th among 140 countries. The website of the global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data and analysis Ookla reports that Tajikistan has dropped by places. 

As of the measured period, the average download speed for mobile internet is 13.08 Mb/s, and the upload speed speed is 5.8 Mb/s. Tajikistan ranks 99th place among 175 countries by the Wired download speed. The download speed is 33.3 Mb/s, and the upload speed is 33.12 Mb/s.

The average cost of mobile data is US$ 4.65 per GB, which puts Tajikistan on the 154th place among 228 countries on the Worldwide mobile data pricing rankings.

Currently, mobile subscribers in the country estimate the total to be 7.3 million and wired Internet users – 3.34 million.

As was reported, according to the communications service at the Government, the high Internet cost was due to the geographic location of the country.

28 фев 2021, 10:49
Photo source: pixabay.com

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