Tajikistan to invest US$ 34.5 million in training labour migrants

The funds will be provided by the Asian Development Bank and the Governments of Japan and Tajikistan.

The Government of Tajikistan intends to invest US$ 34.5 million in training potential labour migrants in the framework of the Improving Skills and Employment Opportunities Project, the press office of the lower house of Parliament reported on January 20.

Majlisi Namoyandagon of Majlisi Oli has ratified the grant agreement between the Republic of Tajikistan and the Asian Development Bank. The ADB will allocate US$ 30 million, the Government of Japan – US$ 1.5 million and the Cabinet of Ministers of Tajikistan – US$ 3 million for the project.

The project provides for the opening of training centres and the delivery of training courses to prepare specialists for the tourism and energy sectors and vehicle mechanics and repairers.

As was reported, the Asian Development Bank recommended that Tajikistan should support its migrants, who were subjected to labour exploitation and faced with a frustrating living situation, in particular in Russia.

President Vladimir Putin instructed the Government of the Russian Federation to simplify the procedure to support the fair employment of migrant construction workers.

22 янв 2021, 08:42
Photo source: sputnik.tj

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