Health professionals from Turkmenistan and Germany discuss antiviral properties of liquorice

The parties also discussed the prospects for enhancing cooperation in the fight against infectious diseases.

On January 19, representatives of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry Turkmenistan held an online meeting with Principal of the West German Centre for Infectious Diseases at University Hospital Essen Adalbert Krawczyk. The parties had discussed the antiviral properties of liquorice root, the Turkmenistan Today News Agency reported.

The participants noted that the liquorice plant had been used as a remedy for coughs, kidney disease and upper respiratory tract infections in scientific and folk medicine since ancient times.

Experts stated that Turkmen liquorice had the unique valuable qualities due to the specific local climate. It was noted that Turkmenistan had developed the production of therapeutic and preventive agents from glycyrrhizic acid of liquorice root.

Adalbert Krawczyk highly evaluated the epidemiological situation in the country. It was emphasised that Turkmenistan was the first Central Asian state to register Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine.

As was reported, researchers from Columbia University in New York, the University of Washington and Worcester Polytechnic Institute had conducted laboratory tests that demonstrated the efficacy of wormwood extract against coronavirus infection. An unidentified component of the plant kills the coronavirus, preventing the spread of virus between cells.

According to experts, powder can be obtained from the leaves of the plant and filled into capsules, which can be used as an alternative drug for infections.

In April 2020, scientists from Tomsk State University proposed dyer’s woad that grows in the North Caucasus, Eastern Siberia and the European part of Russia as a likely remedy for coronavirus infection.

Scientists at the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand have found out that Kunzea ericoides exhibits antiviral properties. Russian specialists suggested conducting research in lady’s mantle.

President of Turkmenistan, Doctor of Medical Sciences Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has recommended protecting against viruses with harmala smoke and herbal teas and decoctions from harmala, camel’s thorn, juniper, rosehip and capsicum.

Scientists do not recommend the plants with antiviral properties for treatment without consulting a doctor and with chronic illnesses.

20 янв 2021, 18:12
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