Turkmenistan exports over 60% of eco-textiles

These goods were exported to EU countries, China, Turkey and Russia.

Turkmenistan has exported over 60% of domestic organic cotton textiles to EU countries, China, Turkey and Russia. Terry bathrobes, towels and bedding sets were the most popular among foreign customers, MIR-24 TV channel reported on December 22.

Today, the country has more than 60 textile enterprises. The industrial output of these economic entities allows fully meeting the domestic demand for textile goods and increasing textile exports.

In January-November 2020, external sales amounted to US$ 319 million. Textile goods were exported to the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

A specialist at the department of innovation and production quality, Ashgabat textile complex Ayjemal Charyeva said that they made 100% cotton bedding.

This year, Turkmenistan has produced 1.3 million tons of cotton. Cotton fields cover a total area of 700,000 hectares. Last year, 1.05 million tons of raw cotton were grown. In 2019, private producers were engaged for the first time to grow “white gold”; they received their plots of arable land from the special land fund.

Modern cotton-picking machines are used throughout the country. These include cotton harvesters from the American company John Deere. For 25 years, this manufacturer has delivered about 8,000 units of agricultural machinery and equipment to the country.

It should be noted that the textile industry plays an important role in the national economy. An economic observer for Turkmenistan, an expert at CentralAsia.news, Valentin Trapeznikov stated previously that this industry contributed 11.5-12.3% to total industry output. He says that the textile sector develops largely through substantial investments that have amounted to US$ 2 billion over the years of neutrality.

It is planned to invest US$ 300 million in the textile industry until 2025. 30 projects are to be implemented in the next five years. The authorities of Turkmenistan expect these measures to lead to a 120% increase in industrial output.

Trapeznikov also stressed that Turkmenistan was able to maintain steady growth in various sectors of the economy during the coronavirus pandemic, which had negative effects on most economies of the world.

An economic analyst Yuriy Aronsky added that the transition from a raw material zone to an industrial state had contributed to expanding the potential of Turkmenistan’s textile industry. He said that over 2,600 industrial, social and cultural facilities had been built in Turkmenistan over 25 years of neutrality.

The latest textile collections are displayed at fashion shows held annually in the country. One of such events took place in the framework of the exhibition marking the 25th anniversary of permanent neutrality in early December. The Winter-2020 fashion show featured winter clothes for men, women and children.

22 дек 2020, 17:47
Photo source: textilexpo.ru

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