Construction industry of Turkmenistan shows steady growth on neutrality anniversary

According to expert Trapeznikov, the industry is focused on industrialization, the production of import-substituting, and export goods.

Today, the construction complex of Turkmenistan is aimed at the implementation of ambitious state programs on industrialization, the creation of modern transport and social infrastructure, the construction of residential buildings, and the comprehensive development of regions. The observer of Turkmenistan’s economy Valentin Trapeznikov told about the achievements of the construction industry of the country, in particular, in the year of the neutrality anniversary.

The construction industry — the most important economic priority of Turkmenistan

The construction industry of Turkmenistan vividly reflects the creativity of the modern historical stage of our country, which marks the 25th anniversary of internationally recognized neutrality this year.

The domestic construction complex is distinguished by a multidimensional development strategy, the main directions of which include the construction of import-substituting and export-oriented industrial enterprises, the formation of innovative transport and social infrastructure, large-scale housing construction, as well as an increase in the capacity of the building materials industry based on the wide use of local raw materials.

Construction activities in various regions

The intensification of construction activity is carried out both in the capital region and all other regions as well.

In particular, the Ashgabat City project was announced last year, a new administrative center of the Ahal province is currently under construction, and 15 modern villages with innovative infrastructure facilities are built in the regions.

Specific attention in the country is paid to laying the highways throughout the country. One of these projects is the high-speed highway Ashgabat-Turkmenabat, which will be commissioned in December 2023.

Large-scale construction is based on the constant expansion of the volume and range of manufactured building materials and industrial products used in the construction of industrial and social facilities.

High production performance of the building complex

On the anniversary of the status of neutrality of Turkmenistan, high production indicators are reached in all sectors of the economy of our country. The construction complex is no exception.

For 11 months of this year, the Ministry of Construction and Architecture fulfilled its work by 109% with a growth rate of 107,4%. And the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production implemented its plan by 104,1% with a growth rate of 107,2%.

Following the presidential decree «On the construction of industrial and production facilities of the Ministry of Industry and Construction Production of Turkmenistan in 2020-2023», new enterprises of the industry are actively built in the country and the existing ones are reconstructed.

Domestic building materials

Due to the fact of great work of the relevant state agencies and significant state support for small and medium-sized businesses, good performance has been achieved in the production of most building materials. In particular, the increase in the production of nonmetallic building materials compared to last year amounted to 11,4%, expanded clay — 4,6%, prefabricated reinforced concrete structures — 16,6%, fittings, corners, and profiles — 5,7%, plastic tons of fiberglass pipes — 2,6%, sheet glass — 0,5%.

State also took measures to increase cement production in the country. In particular, cement plants with a capacity of 1 million tons of products per year are built in the Baherden etrap, Ahal province, and Koytendag etrap, Lebap province. These facilities will significantly increase the provision of the industry with one of the main building materials.

It must be added that the production structure of the industry includes both state and private enterprises, including cement plants, quarries, enterprises Türkmen aýna önümleri, Türkmendemirönümleri, Nebitmaş, Demirbetonönümleri and Demönetonkonstruksiýa, Yashlyk expanded clay plant, plants for the production of aerated concrete and Polimer önümleri, Deryaplastik, Deryakeramika plant, and others.

A powerful construction cluster has been created in the Ovadandepe industrial zone of Ahal province, where there are enterprises for the production of rolled metal products and fittings, a large aerated concrete plant, a factory for processing marble and granite, as well as Türkmenaýnaönümleri, the largest glass production plant in Central Asia.

Innovative production

The production of new types of building materials and equipment is actively developed in Turkmenistan.

For example, the Türkmen aýna önümleri enterprise is designed to produce 1 million sq. meters tinted, 100 thousand sq. meters of laminated glass, 300 thousand sq. meters of tempered glass, as well as 400 thousand square meters of glass units that meet high international standards.

Deryaplastik enterprises produce standardized polymer products — plastic pipes, spare parts and fittings, suspended ceilings, window sills, electrical cables. And in 2017, the country’s first factory for the production of earthenware sanitary ware under the Deryakeramika trademark was opened.

The plant for the production of ceramic materials, built in the Halach etrap, Lebap province, is the country’s first fully automated enterprise focused on the production of a wide range of decorative items. The design capacity of the enterprise is designed to produce about 200 thousand tons of products or 80 million units of products.

A specialized section that produces heat-resistant bricks for the reconstruction and construction of industrial furnaces and fireplaces was opened at the Türkmendemirbeton Reinforced Concrete Plant in the Buzmein etrap of the capital. This is the only enterprise of this kind in the country so far. These products are in great demand.

And there are many such examples of innovative industries.

Export of building materials

In conclusion, I would like to note that the products of the domestic building materials industry are distinguished by high competitiveness in the foreign market. For several years, the enterprises of the industry have been exporting cement, glass, and glass units, aerated concrete blocks, plumbing plastic, and ceramic products, as well as other products to neighboring countries — the CIS and Baltic states.

Besides, domestic specialists have implemented several construction projects in foreign countries — Afghanistan, the Russian Federation, and Moldova.

Thus, in the anniversary year, the domestic construction complex, like all other sectors of the economy of Turkmenistan, demonstrates high development indicators based on the general enthusiasm and unity of the people.

10 дек 2020, 15:33
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