First Miss Tajikistan was chosen almost 70 years ago

The status was given to Lola Ismailova, a student of TSU. Her photo was published on the Ogoniok magazine.

The first beauty of the Republic in Tajikistan was chosen in 1949. Lola Ismailova was at that time a student of the Faculty of Biology at the Tajik State University named after Lenin. Her photo was published in the December issue of the Soviet magazine Ogoniok. It was reported by the «Khovar» state news agency on August 14.

In October 1949, the country celebrated the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Tajik Soviet Republic. In this regard, journalists from the central press of the USSR came to Dushanbe. They looked for good material to make a film and decided to take a photo of the most beautiful girl in the republic.

The media representatives asked the rector of TSU for help. He showed them Lola Ismailova. The girl was photographed in the costume of a rubab player. Later, the image was placed on the cover of the New Year’s issue of the magazine. After that, she became popular all over the USSR. In April 1950, a monument modeled on Ismailova was erected in Crimea.

The author of the sculpture, Petr Mirgorodsky, underlined that her appearance is similar to the face of Queen Tamara, which was described by Mikhail Lermontov (famous Russian writer and poet).

Ismailova has worked worked at the Tajik Medical Institute for 40 years. She was also a doctor of biological sciences and professor. The first beauty of Tajikistan died in 2012 when she was 83.

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