Kyrgyzstan may be left without part of food imports due to floods in Kazakhstan

Speaking at the session of the Kyrgyz Parliament, a parliamentarian Dastanbek Jumabekov dwelt on a serious problem, which could be caused by the floods in Kazakhstan. He said food security of the Republic is now under threat, and it is high time that the authorities address this issue and take the necessary measures, Sputnik reported.

Jumabekov noted that Kazakhstan is one of the main wheat and barley suppliers to Kyrgyzstan.

Due to the floods, which hit the neighbouring country, many agricultural lands may be under water, which could potentially lead to significant food shortages in Kyrgyzstan. The parliamentarian insisted that a solution to this problem must be found urgently.

According to the National Statistical Committee, in 2023, Kyrgyzstan imported 370,000 tons of wheat. On them, 351,400 tons were imported from Russia, and 19,400 tons were supplied by Kazakhstan. This does not include over 29,000 tons of flour imported from Kazakhstan last year.

19 апр 2024, 08:03
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