Medical provision in flood-hit region in Kazakhstan reported on

First Deputy Minister of Health of Kazakhstan Timur Sultangaziev made a working trip to Akmola Region, where the local authorities are fighting floods. According to the press office of the Ministry of Health, he attended a meeting of the Disaster Response Task Force and visited the evacuation assembly points and medical institutions in the region.

Head of the Public Health Department Nurlan Akhilbekov reported that 268 evacuation assembly points with a total accommodation capacity of 12,000 people have been set up in the region.

To date, 2,766 people have been evacuated. Akhilbekov stressed that there were no casualties or those in need of medical care among the evacuees. The people with chronic diseases, who are staying at the evacuation assembly centres and registered with the medical services, receive the necessary medicines and medical care from doctors.

All the medical institutions in the region are functioning normally and are not flooded. 88 ambulance crews are operating in the region. The medical institutions in the settlements, which are difficult to reach due to floods, continue working, are provided with medicines and coordinate emergency relief with the department of emergency situations.

18 апр 2024, 07:25
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