Medical team from Kyrgyzstan studies bone marrow transplant in Turkey

A delegation of the National Centre for Maternal and Child Welfare of Kyrgyzstan, consisting of doctors, laboratory technicians and nurses, arrived in Malatya, Turkey. The doctors will undergo training in the framework of an agreement between the Ministry of Health of the Republic and the Inonu University, the press office of the National Centre reported.

As part of this cooperation, the team of 8 members will learn how to perform a bone marrow transplant at the Inonu University Clinic. Specialists at this clinic perform transplant surgeries, including a bone marrow transplant. Surgeries are performed on both adults and children.

According to Head of the oncology department at the National Centre for Maternal and Child Welfare Sultan Stambekov, his colleagues were received very cordially in Turkey. After completing the training course in Malatya, the doctors will return to the National Centre for Maternal and Child Welfare and perform bone marrow transplants.

28 фев 2024, 07:37
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