Ministry of Culture of Tajikistan to control tours of foreign artists

The Ministry of Culture of Tajikistan will review provocative materials on the Internet and regulate tours of foreign artists. This statement was made by Deputy Minister of Culture Obid Nazarien in an interview with Sputnik Tajikistan.

The Deputy Minister explained that Article 51 of the new Law on Culture provides for regulation of organisational issues and notifications between the authorised agencies of the two countries. Nazarien emphasised that this is not about censorship, but about the right of the Ministry of Culture to know about the nature and format of the event.

The new Law also implies that law enforcement agencies can contact the Ministry officials to assess questionable content on the Internet, particularly in the case of the dissemination of obscene content or 18+ videos on social media, as well as extremist materials.

The Law also regulates cultural cooperation with compatriots and Tajik citizens in foreign countries.

31 янв 2024, 14:20
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