Maternity ward of perinatal centre in Bishkek refurbished

The overhaul of the maternity ward of the city perinatal centre in Bishkek was completed successfully. The city perinatal centre is the largest maternity hospital in the city, and over 9,000 women have given births at the hospital for over 9 months of the year, the press office of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic reported on the opening of the maternity ward after the repair.

Minister of Health Alymkadyr Beishenaliev visited the centre to see the work done. He emphasised the importance of ensuring that women stay comfortable during labour and delivery, as well as the significance of the construction of perinatal centres, children’s hospitals and maternity hospitals that provide quality health care to newborns and their mothers.

The heads of the city perinatal centre reported that 10 million soms were spent on the overhaul of the maternity ward. In recent years, 5 departments of the city perinatal centre, including the reception department, the department of pregnancy pathology and the department of neonatal resuscitation, have been completely refurbished.

29 дек 2023, 12:23
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