Tajik and Russian medical universities conduct joint research

Medical universities of Russia and Tajikistan have signed a cooperation agreement, which provides for joint research and student exchange, MIR 24 reports.

The laboratories of the two countries will work in a mirror manner, including on the use of metal alloys for bone structures. This agreement has been confirmed by signing the document.

Vice-Rector for Prospective Development and International Activities of USMU Mikhail Flyagin said a working group will be set up to coordinate this work. Experts will be responsible for elaborating on issues in medical research. The vice-rectors of the universities that signed the agreements have held an online meeting.

The provisions of the agreement include the training of foreign students at Russian universities. The best foreign graduates will receive an offer to stay and work in Russia. Students will be taught by teachers from the two   countries, and the topics of online cross-lectures are under preparation.

22 дек 2023, 14:35
Photo source: usma.ru

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