Private children’s centres assisted in improving competitiveness in Tajikistan

In Tajikistan, 20 preschool directors completed a three-month training course as part of a special business programme for preschool education centres that provide training in the Russian language. Heads of the centres from Dushanbe and its suburbs completed the training course.

The Telegram channel of Rossotrudnichestvo reports that the training course was free of charge and delivered online and offline. Russian experts shared experience and practices, helping preschool directors broaden their horizons and improve the quality of services.

Head of the Rossotrudnichestvo Representative Office in Tajikistan Ivan Ivanov said there has long been a demand for such courses in society: people are seeking to expand their business. Leading Russian experts shared experience with their counterparts from Dushanbe, as the aim of the programme is to help scale up the business, open new branches and develop innovative learning programmes for children in the Russian language.

As reported, the training course helped the programme participants reach a new competitive level and boost revenue. The implementation of the project became possible thanks to Rossotrudnichestvo and Educational Institution for Business LLC from Moscow. The course participants from Dushanbe noted that they had generated new ideas through communicating with their Russian counterparts and getting acquainted with their experience, which they were ready to apply in their work.

20 дек 2023, 07:39
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