Russian language teaching discussed in Tashkent

Russian language teaching discussed in Tashkent

A practical science conference on the role of the Russian language as a key means of communication in the post-Soviet space was held at the Russian House in Tashkent. Scientists, school and university teachers and journalists take an active part in the discussion “Commonwealth Space: Russian language as a tool for professional success” at the roundtable meeting and master classes, the press office of the Russian House in Tashkent reported.

Executive Director of the North-South Political Science Centre Anzhelika Trapeznikova, one of the organisers of the conference noted that intercultural communication has become an integral part of the life of every person in the context of globalization and economic, political and cultural cooperation. Discussion of the factors influencing effective intercultural communication is becoming an important issue that needs attention and examination.

The participants discussed a variety of issues, including the methods of teaching Russian language and literature at Uzbek educational institutions, the role of the Russian language in professional development of teachers of non-linguistic subjects and the role of Russian-language content in the CIS media.

27 ноя 2023, 16:01
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