Tajikistan hopes for Russia’s assistance in training actors and stage directors

Minister of Culture of Tajikistan Zulfiya Davlatzoda delivered a speech about cultural ties between the Republic and Russia at the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, TASS reports the details.

Davlatzoda said Tajikistan hopes for Russia’s assistance in training a new generation of actors and stage directors, as Russian teachers have played a tremendous role in bringing up contemporary Tajik cultural figures. Furthermore, she emphasised that the Republic is ready for mutually beneficial cooperation with Russian cultural workers in other areas.

The Minister of Culture noted special attitude towards Russian theatres in Tajikistan, including Vladimir Mayakovsky State Russian Drama Theatre and Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin State Russian Musical and Drama Theatre. They play an important role in preserving the cultural heritage which Tajikistan is proud of. The Minister said these theatres actively tour abroad and participate in festivals. There are also plans to build a new building for Mayakovsky Theatre.

18 ноя 2023, 10:32
Photo source: tajsohtmon.tj

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