Border checkpoints in Uzbekistan to be switched to 24-hour operation schedule

On November 1, the First Transport Forum of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) started its work in Tashkent. The event is taking place in the Uzexpocentre Congress Hall. The top guest at the forum is Minister of Transport of Uzbekistan Ilkhom Makhmakov, the press office of the Government of Uzbekistan

In his speech, the Minister announced the plans to switch border checkpoints to the 24-hour operation schedule. This is a significant change that will ensure continued access to border checkpoints and simplify transport operations.

The Minister emphasised the importance of reforming the transport sector and implementing major projects. The key areas of development include the construction of alternative transport routes and the creation of large multimodal logistics centres along transport arteries and in border areas. These infrastructure projects will help improve logistics and facilitate freight and passenger transport.

Along with the SCO Transport Forum, Tashkent is hosting the Aviation and Logistics 2023 Forum and the TransLogistica Uzbekistan 2023 Exhibition. These events were planned in 2022 on the initiative of President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

02 ноя 2023, 08:45
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