Book “Grammar of the Kyrgyz Language” presented in Berlin

On September 22, the Yunus-Emre Institute hosted a presentation of the book «Kirgisische Grammatik» (Grammar of the Kyrgyz Language) by a political scientist and linguist Mahabat Sadyrbek in Berlin. Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to the Federal Republic of Germany Omurbek Tekebaev took part in the event, the Telegram Channel of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan reported.

This event was organised to mark the 34th anniversary of the adoption of the Law On the State Language of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan expressed belief that the publication of Kirgisische Grammatik contributes to popularising and promoting the Kyrgyz language and culture outside the country, particularly among the German-speaking readers and all those interested in studying Kyrgyz culture.

The author of the book Mahabat Sadyrbek made a presentation on a unique grammar of the Kyrgyz language, drawing parallels with the German language and other foreign languages. The book will help readers better understand the features and structure of the Kyrgyz language.

27 сен 2023, 12:24
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