Synthetic waste disposal unit launched in Bishkek

A new unit designed to burn synthetic waste has been launched at the sanitary landfill in the capital city of Kyrgyzstan. The new unit is expected to help reduce emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere and improve the environmental situation in Bishkek, Mir 24 reports.

The Bishkek Sanitary Landfill Municipal Enterprise informed that the unit was delivered to Kyrgyzstan from Russia. Local experts have calculated that Bishkek will need 9 more similar units to ensure effective waste management.

«We use a forklift to load waste into these two compartments. They burn completely after an hour, and then we remove the ash from here. We can dispose up to one tonne of solid waste in 60 minutes,» an employee of the Bishkek Sanitary Landfill Municipal Enterprise Taalaibek Borombaev described the method of work.

The growth of sewing workshops that manufacture goods for export necessitates introducing effective solutions to dispose waste more effectively. The total volume of waste brought daily to the landfill has doubled over the year and continues to grow. The sewing enterprises in Bishkek generate the largest portion of waste.

12 сен 2023, 12:07
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