Tajik metallurgists get Chinese diplomas for free

Tajik metallurgists get Chinese diplomas for free

Rector, Professor Bakhtiyor Mahmadali reported on the work done by the Institute in the first half of the year during a press conference at the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan. Some important improvements have been made to raise the skills of students, the press office of the Institute reported.

Mahmadali noted that the Institute cooperates with more than 75 industrial enterprises that employ graduates after they receive a diploma. Along with domestic enterprises, graduates of the Institute also find jobs as specialists with a diploma of the Ministry of Education and Culture at industrial enterprises in the CIS states and receive high wages. For example, over 125 graduates of the Institute work at the Uzbekinvest Oil and Gas Company.

This year, the Institute has launched a Tajikistan-China Training Centre and signed a 2+2 agreement with the China University of Petroleum, which provides that students will study at the Institute in Tajikistan for 2 years, and in China for another 2 years. They will receive a diploma of the China University as well.

22 авг 2023, 15:08
photo source: gmit.tj

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