Russian teachers teach children in Tajikistan

Russian teachers teach children in Tajikistan

6 participants of the Russian Teacher Abroad Project have arrived in Tajikistan to work at school in the new academic year. They will teach the Russian language and introduce Russian culture to Tajik schoolchildren, the press office of the Russian Teacher Abroad Project reported.

Teachers will work at the Arkon elementary school in Khujand. For them, this is an opportunity to take part in Russia’s humanitarian mission and gain new experiences. One of the project participants, Nadilya Fattakhova said she filled in the questionnaire as soon as she had learned about the project, as she is a primary school teacher and wants to gain new experiences.

Another project participant, Elena Mikhailina said she and her colleague have been visiting Tajikistan with great pleasure for the third year running to share knowledge with schoolchildren and are looking forward to a new academic year in the anticipation of new meetings and discoveries.

Tajikistan was the first country to join this humanitarian project 6 years ago. The Russian language has a special status of the language of interethnic communication in the Republic, as enshrined in the Constitution.

18 авг 2023, 10:05
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