Forfeited money to be spent on new 62 schools in Kazakhstan

On July 8, Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov led the government meeting to discuss the creation of 1.5 million school places with a comfortable learning environment, the press office of the Government of Kazakhstan reports.

Minister of Education Gani Beisembayev reported that 626 schools were built from various sources of financing throughout the country in 2020-2022. This year, it is planned to build 146 schools with 130,000 places, including 62 schools, which will be built with forfeited money.

It is planned to build 369 schools of the new format for 740,000 school places in 2024-2025 as part of the implementation of the National Project.

The Prime Minister emphasised the need to speed up selection of contractors and plots of land for construction and the preparation of design and estimate documentation as part of the implementation of the national project.

Noting that new schools would maintain their high status if they had access to high quality Internet, Alikhan Smailov said new schools must be connected to high quality Internet before they are put into operation.

10 июл 2023, 10:10
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