Uzbekistan has done much work to improve education sector

In recent years, the authorities of Uzbekistan have taken specific measures to reform the education system. In particular, new educational institutions were built, and more favourable working conditions of teachers were created. The reforms were implemented in accordance with the Action Strategy and its continuation — the New Uzbekistan Development Strategy.

For several years, the number of kindergartens has reached 19,316, schools — 10,289 and institutions of higher education — 191 in the Republic. General education schools switched to an 11-year training programme. Currently, the enrolment rate in pre-primary education is 67%, and that in higher education is 38%. The state abolished child labour in the cotton industry.

Particular attention is paid to the working conditions of teachers. Over the past 6 years, their salaries have almost quadrupled. An article on the status of a teacher in society is to be introduced into the Constitution of Uzbekistan. Thus, the authorities plan to increase recognition of and respect for teachers.

The ongoing reforms focus on expanding access of children with disabilities to quality education and ensuring inclusive education.

27 май 2023, 10:28
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