Disneyland under D Billions may appear in Kyrgyzstan

A member of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Erulan Kokulov presented a new way to grow business. He suggested that a theme park under the D Billions brand, which is a global brand with tens of millions of subscribers around the world, be built, Sputnik reports.

Kokulov believes that the construction of a D Billions theme park, similar to Disneyland, would contribute to boosting tourism and attracting investment. He gave the example of the successful experience of Korea that has increased its worldwide recognition with the help of popular TV shows and the K-pop genre.

The parliamentarian noted that many bloggers are attracting tourists to Kyrgyzstan and creating interesting places to visit, but the state does not use their potential to the fullest. He expressed his hope that the authorities of Kyrgyzstan would take measures to solve this problem and begin to promote tourism in the country.

The parliamentarian said the D Billions team that creates children’s content and has tens of millions of subscribers around the world can serve as an important factor in promoting tourism and business in Kyrgyzstan.

20 май 2023, 09:40
Photo source: freepik.com / wirestock

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