Head of CSR tells UN Special Rapporteur about freedom of religion in Tajikistan

Head of the Centre for Strategic Research (CSR) under the President of Tajikistan Khayriddin Usmonzoda met with United Nations Special Rapporteur Nazila Ghanea in Dushanbe. The interlocutors discussed issues related to freedom of religion and belief in the country, the press office of the Centre for Strategic Research reported to CentralAsia.news.

The Head of the Centre for Strategic Research noted that the Constitution of Tajikistan is the main source of the national legal system. Its provisions provide the basic legal framework for all spheres of the country, including a system of views based on supernatural beliefs. He noted that Tajikistan is a secular state that ensures peaceful co-existence between all religious communities and beliefs.

Khayriddin Usmonzoda emphasised that the Republic recognises religious equality, and there are no restrictions on the peaceful performance of religious practices, rituals and ceremonies. Every citizen has the right to independently determine his attitude to religion and profess any religion.

The talks also focused on further cooperation between Tajikistan and the United Nations on relevant issues.

14 апр 2023, 10:27
Photo source: burhaninstitute.org

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