Astana sets a record for largest national soup Nauryz kozhe

On March 22, Astana celebrated Nauryz. The festive events took place in the parks and public gardens, and the residents prepared various national dishes, the press office of the Astana Akimat reported to

The local chefs set a record for the largest main dish of Nauryz — Nauryz kozhe during the celebrations in the Ataturk Park. They prepared 2,100 litres of soup. A certificate of a record of Kazakhstan was presented to the Astana Akim and the Head of Baikonyr district.

As was reported, it took the chefs a day to prepare the national dish, which set a record of Kazakhstan. Hundreds of kilogrammes of wheat, meat and rice were purchased to prepare the soup. Everyone could take his portion of the soup.

The official representative of the regional Kazakhstan Guinness World Records Kuandyk Kudaibergenov said over 2,000 litres of Nauryz kozhe is an absolute record not only in Kazakhstan, but also in the world. The residents of Turkestan Region set a record 2 years ago: they prepared 2,000 litres of Nauryz kozhe.

24 мар 2023, 08:30
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