Deputy Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Vasilenko meets with EU officials

Deputy Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Vasilenko meets with EU officials

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan Roman Vasilenko met with the EU officials to discuss key aspects of cooperation in a number of major areas during his visit to Brussels last week, the press office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan reported.

Deputy Minister Vasilenko met with Head of Cabinet of Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Camilo Villarino, Deputy Managing Director for Europe and Central Asia at the European External Action Service Luc Devigne and Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to the President of the European Council Magdalena Grono. The meeting focused on the progress of the implementation of the agreements reached during the visit of President of the European Council Charles Michel and the meeting of the President of Kazakhstan with President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen last year.

Roman Vasilenko told the EU officials about political, social and economic reforms launched in Kazakhstan at the initiative of the President of Kazakhstan.

The participants noted dynamic cooperation between Kazakhstan and the EU countries in the trade, economic, investment and political spheres, as well as in the field of human rights.

The issues under discussion included the implementation of the Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Kazakhstan and the EU and the preparations for the events scheduled to be held in 2023, including the 20th meeting of the Kazakhstan-EU Cooperation Council and the 2nd Central Asia-European Union Economic Forum.

10 мар 2023, 15:44
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