Use of Olympic Town facilities discussed in Tashkent

On December 1, a meeting on the effective use of the facilities of the Olympic Town under construction was held at the Ministry of Sports Development of Uzbekistan, the press office of the Ministry reports.

Deputy Minister of Construction Shukrullobek Jahongirov, Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee Oybek Kasimov, the heads of the Republican School of Higher Sportsmanship and representatives of a number of organisations attended the meeting, chaired by Minister of Sports Adkham Ikramov.

The Olympic Town in the capital of Uzbekistan is being built specifically for the Tashkent 2025 Asian Youth Games. Modern sports facilities, a stadium, indoor and outdoor sports grounds and an administrative building are being built on an area of 100 hectares.

The Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee reported on the institutions and organisations that would be accommodated in these facilities after the Asian Games. The administrative building will house the Ministry of Sports Development, the Institute of Wrestling, the Paralympic Institute, the Academy of Sports, the Research Institute, the Anti-Doping Agency, the Directorate of Premises Maintenance and meetings rooms for conferences, lectures and other meetings.

The participants considered the accommodation of the sports federations on the territory of the Olympic Town and their joint activities with the Academy of Sports, the Research Institute and other organisations. They emphasised that each facility in the Olympic Town under construction should be used as effectively as possible and serve to promote sports in Uzbekistan.

02 дек 2022, 11:53
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