Emomali Rahmon congratulates citizens on State Flag Day of Tajikistan

On November 24, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon cordially congratulated the people of Tajikistan on the national holiday – the State Flag Day. He wished happiness, good health and family well-being to his compatriots and security, peace and further development to the independent and free state, the press office of the President of Tajikistan reported to CentralAsia.news.

The President emphasised that the State Flag is a symbol that has a unifying power and awakens national pride and an ardent love for the Motherland in the heart of every citizen of the country. In this regard, the protection and allegiance of the Flag embody high national feeling and patriotism.

“The celebration of the National Flag Day is a veneration of the outstanding merits of the great sons of our people with the head bowing to their bright and eternal memory – Cyrus the Great, Ismoili Somoni, Sherak, Devashtich, Spitamen, Muqanna, Temurmalik, Rudaki, Firdavsi, hundreds of thousands of other glorious men, who throughout the millennia-old history of our nation selflessly fought for the honour and dignity of the nation and defended the land inherited from the ancestors, the language, culture, customs and traditions of our ancient nation, thanks to which they have come down to our time,” Rahmon emphasised in his address.

The Tajik leader wished that the State Flag, as a symbol of pride, honour and unity of the nation, would forever fly in an atmosphere of peace and cohesion in the state and inspire people to creative work for the benefit and further development of Tajikistan.

25 ноя 2022, 11:30
Photo source: president.tj

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