Turkmenistan hosts science conference on historical and cultural monuments

On November 22, Ashgabat hosted the international science conference “Historical and cultural monuments of Turkmenistan: the experience of study, conservation and restoration” via videoconference on the instructions of President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov. The event aimed to enhance international cooperation and exchange of experience in study, protection and restoration of historical and cultural sites, the Turkmenistan Today News Agency reported.

The speakers emphasised the important role of the State Programme for 2022–2028 in studying, protecting and conserving national historical and cultural heritage sites and increasing their popularity among tourists from different countries. This Programme aims to preserve these monuments and support research activities in this sphere.

Doctor of Archaeological Sciences Julio Bendezu-Sarmiento from France, who heads the joint Turkmen-French archaeological expedition at Ulug-Depe, made a presentation on the study and conservation of this site.

Deputy Director of the State Research Institute for Restoration of the Ministry of Culture of Russia Alexei Petrushkevich made a presentation on Turkmenistan-Russia cooperation on the restoration of historical sites.

Special attention was paid to promoting tourism in the region. Professor at M. S. Osimi Technical University Rustam Mukimov from Tajikistan made a presentation on the study of the historical and cultural monuments of Central Asia and the importance of improving tourist routes.

Scientists and archaeologists from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Italy made presentations at the conference. They shared their experience in the protection of unique archaeological sites and provided historical data about successful international partnerships in this sphere.

24 ноя 2022, 13:22
Photo source: infoabad.com

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