Turkmenistan observes International Day of Older Persons

Maintaining the annual tradition, the Yenme public organisation held an inclusive event to mark the International Day of Older Persons on October 1. Participants and guests visited a unique photo exhibition “My years are my wealth” and took part in the Brain Ring intellectual quiz involving representatives of the older generation. The CentralAsia.news reporter took part in the event and talked to the participants and volunteers, who willingly shared their impressions of the festive action.

“We are very glad to organise such an event for our respected older people. We consider it an honour to hold such meetings, since, unfortunately, the older generation is getting smaller, and we want to pay as much attention to them as possible, while it is in our hands,” a young Yenme volunteer Rahman said.

The organisers said a very large number of people took part in the event, visited the photo exhibition that told them about the history of different people and watched the “fight of minds” on the Brain Ring that gave the participants an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise.

“I was very happy to participate in this wonderful event. The questions of the intellectual competition were not difficult, and the atmosphere was pleasant and festive. I am sure that the rest of the guests liked the event. The young people are great! I am grateful to them for the high organisational level and to our younger generation who never forgets about us and actively supports us,” one of the guests, Arsen Guliyev said.

Another participant in the event Annamamed aga enthusiastically shared his impressions, noting that “everything was wonderful”. He wholeheartedly congratulated all those present on the holiday and wished them good health, happiness and great success in their life. He said the event made him remember his youth and student years and become “much more lively and fresher”. Annamamed aga thanked the Yenme team and volunteers and wished them to succeed in all their undertakings, cope with all life situations and not forget about the older generation, who will always support the youth.

A buffet table with various treats, drinks, sweets and other delicacies was prepared for the guests.

The event concluded with cheerful dances: elderly people, young people, members of the public organisation and all participants danced together to their favourite songs.

03 окт 2022, 11:21
Photo source: CentralAsia.news

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