Serdar Berdimuhamedov congratulates law enforcement agencies on Independence Day

President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov conferred ranks and titles and awarded medals to the members of the State Security Council at the Oguzhan Palace. The Turkmen leader congratulated the law enforcement employees on Independence Day. The President instructed the high-ranking officials to confer titles and award state awards to the distinguished employees of military and law enforcement agencies, the Turkmenistan: the Golden Age News Agency reported.

In his opening remarks, the Turkmen leader emphasised that the military parade of military and law enforcement employees illustrated once again high military capabilities of the Turkmen state and excellent skills of military personnel. He noted that the Turkmen state will continue to modernise material and technical resources, improve social and living conditions of military and law enforcement employees and their families and pursue the purely defensive military doctrine.

Secretary of the State Security Council Begench Gundogdyev read out the decrees on awarding Minister of National Security, Colonel Gurbanmyrat Kakamyradovich Annaev with the Garaşsyzlyk Order of Turkmenistan, conferring the special rank of Police Colonel on Minister of Internal Affairs, Police Lieutenant Colonel Muhammet Allamyradovich Hydyrov and conferring the Counsellor of Justice qualification rank on Prosecutor General, Junior Counsellor of Justice Serdar Gurbangulyevich Myalikgulyev.

On the instructions of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, a solemn award ceremony of distinguished military and law enforcement employees took place on the square of the Halk Hakydasy memorial complex.

01 окт 2022, 08:28
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