Bakyt Torobaev orders to provide state institutions of Kyrgyzstan with coal by October 1

On September 2, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Bakyt Torobaev discussed the measures taken to provide budgetary organisations and the population with coal and assessed the preparedness of power facilities for the autumn and winter months at a meeting of the Republican Task Force on the preparation of the economic sectors and the population for the autumn and winter months, the press office of the Government of Kyrgyzstan reports.

“The government agencies are to fulfil the plans by October 1 and provide budgetary institutions with coal in sufficient quantities. I would like to remind the heads of government agencies and departments that the appropriate measures would be taken if they fail to make adequate preparations,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Torobaev instructed the Antimonopoly Agency to tighten controls to prevent the surge in coal prices at fuel depots and coal sales points.

As was reported, Deputy Prime Minister Torobaev ordered to prevent a repeat of the situation with coal supplies, which occurred last year, at the meeting on the preparations for the autumn and winter months in June.

05 сен 2022, 10:09
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