Turkmenistan discovers 149 fields with reserves of 4.97 trillion cubic meters of gas

In total 149 gas and gas condensate fields have been discovered in Turkmenistan. According to experts, the reserves of the deposits reach 4,970,768 million cubic meters. Most of the extraction is carried out by the state company «Turkmengas». It was reported by the newspaper «Neutral Turkmenistan».

At the moment, 54 gas fields are being developed. Their reserves reach more than 2.6 billion cubic meters. «Turkmengas» produces about 80% of the total volume of gas.

According to the official statistics, 139 deposits are onshore, and 10 are on the shelf of the Caspian Sea. By 2025, in the west of the country, in Balkan province, natural gas production will be increased up to 11 billion cubic meters per year, gas condensate — up to 10.5 million tons.

At the moment, Turkmenistan owns the world’s fourth-largest known reserves of natural gas. The first three positions in the relevant direction are occupied by the Russian Federation, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the State of Qatar. The main importer of the Turkmen gas is the People’s Republic of China.

26 авг 2022, 09:48
Photo source: oilgas.gov.tm

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