Tajikistan to complete construction of CASA-1000 transmission lines by end 2022

The Republic of Tajikistan intends to complete the construction of its section of CASA-1000 cross-border high-voltage transmission lines, which will connect the power networks of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan with those of Afghanistan and Pakistan, by the end of the year, the Khovar State News Agency reported.

Project Manager Faizali Samiyev made this statement at a briefing. He reported that construction work has been 93-95% complete. Equipment needs to be installed, tests need to be prepared and conducted and devices need to be tested. He added that the planned works can be implemented only if the project participants have completed   construction work.

In Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan, the project is about 50-60% complete. In Afghanistan, construction work was suspended due to the transition of power last August and the suspension of funding by the World Bank.

As reported, the total length of the power transmission line is 1227 kilometres. The cost of CASA-1000 reaches $1.086 billion. The funds were allocated by the World Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, the European Investment Bank and the EBRD.

23 авг 2022, 10:18
Photo source: casa-1000.kg

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