Danger of glacial lake outburst flood remains in mountains above Almaty

On July 21, Mayor of Almaty Yerbolat Dosayev and Minister of Emergency Situations Yuri Ilyin flew over the mountain ranges above Almaty to measure the level of risk of the glacial lake outburst flood. The remaining risk of the moraine and glacial lake bursts has unfortunate repercussions for the foothill city, the press office of the Almaty City department of Emergency Situations reported.

The specialists of the Kazselezashchita department accompanied the high-ranking officials during the flight. According the Kazselezashchita department, more than 50 moraine and glacial depressions have formed in the vicinity of Almaty over the years. The outburst floods will likely start on 12 lakes; mitigation measures are being taken to reduce the risks of hazards in these areas.

According to the Kazselezashchita department, there is some degree of risk of the glacial lake outburst flood in the mountains above Almaty, but the situation is kept under control. Kazslezashchita specialists explained that the temperature rises at this time of the year, and glaciers, snow cover on which has decreased by 40-80%, begin to melt. Meltwater has filled a considerable part of the moraine lakes, but water levels in the lakes remain normal.

The team inspected the progress of construction of a flood retention dam in the Ayusai gorge during the flight. A similar dam is being built in the Aksai gorge.

23 июл 2022, 12:08
Photo source: gov.kz

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