Kazakh citizens voluntary have surrendered over 1,250 firearms to police

Citizens of Kazakhstan have brought 1,272 firearms, which they held illegally, to the territorial police departments throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan in the framework of the large-scale action launched by the Ministry of Internal Affairs 30 days ago, the Kazinform information portal reported on July 18.

An official representative and employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Shugyla Turlybek said civilians had surrendered voluntarily their firearms to the law enforcement agencies. Currently, the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are collecting civilian-owned firearms in each region.

Civilians who will voluntary surrender their firearms to the law enforcement agencies are entitled to a payment equivalent to from 10 to 100 MCI (monthly calculation index), depending on how the firearm is worn down.

As reported, the investigating authorities of the Republic continue to search for the firearms stolen during the January events. In those days, more than 2,900 firearms were stolen from gun stores and administrative buildings of the authorities. The media of the Republic of Kazakhstan reports that at the moment, about 2,000 firearms have not been found so far.

19 июл 2022, 10:26
Photo source: polisia.kz

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