Roadblocks set up on exits from Bishkek in connection with graduation ceremonies

The Main Road Traffic Safety Department of the Kyrgyz Republic has intensified vehicle inspections to prevent alcoholism and drug addiction among teenagers in connection with solemn graduation ceremonies, the Kabar State News Agency reported.

Roadblocks have been set up on the exits from the capital of the Republic. All vehicles with teenagers inside travelling across the city are to be inspected. The main goal is to prevent graduates unaccompanied by their parents from travelling to the mountains or recreation areas after graduation ceremonies.

Traffic patrol officers have advised parents to supervise teenagers more closely and not to leave young citizens unattended.

With the aim to protect the lives of children, festivities after graduation ceremonies were banned throughout the country. The Ministry of Education of Kyrgyzstan issued the relevant order. Officials warned teachers, in particular class teachers, that they would be fired for violating the ban and collecting money.

08 июл 2022, 09:00
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