Alikhan Smailov prioritises livestock feed production for funding

On May 17, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov chaired a government meeting on the progressive development of the livestock sector, the press office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan reported to

Commenting on the reports, the Chairman of the Government gave specific instructions to the relevant agencies. Smailov noted that an adequate forage base needs to be provided to support the progressive development of the livestock sector. Annually, the country produces livestock feed 2 times below the norm, and the shortage of livestock feed contributes to increase in the prices, the Prime Minister said.

In this regard, the Ministry of Agriculture and the regional authorities were tasked to expand the areas under fodder crops and improve the condition of remote pastures. Funding will be prioritized for this work, Smailov added.

It was emphasised that the livestock enterprises are underutilized. The instructions were given to encourage farmers to create procurement links between small-scale producers and processing facilities. Farmers and investors should be interested in investing in the use of modern technology-driven and science-based approaches, the Prime Minister emphasised.

18 май 2022, 09:47

Alikhan Smailov

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