Sardor Umurzakov meets with entrepreneurs in Fergana Region

On May 5, a meeting of local entrepreneurs and exporters with the members of the Government Commission on Foreign Trade, Investments, Local Industry Development and Technical Regulation, consisting of the heads of a number of ministries, departments, banks and industry associations, took place in Fergana Region, the press office of the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade reports.

The delegation was headed by Minister of Investments and Foreign Trade of Uzbekistan Sardor Umurzakov.

The meeting with entrepreneurs and exporters of Fergana Region focused on the social and economic development of the region, stimulation of the private sector, as well as the problems faced by local entrepreneurs.

The issues under discussion included the financing by commercial banks of investment projects and exporters, the allocation of land plots and vacant buildings, certificates and permits for business activities and the promotion of Uzbek products in foreign markets.

The heads of ministries and departments were involved in in a detailed discussion of each problem. They were instructed to address the issues raised during the meeting, and the Prosecutor General’s Office would monitor the implementation of instructions.

07 май 2022, 09:10
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