Ministries of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan and Russia detect unusual drug trafficking route

On May 3, the departments of the Ministries of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan and Russia brought to their logical conclusion the joint investigative operation to detect a transnational synthetic drug trafficking route. The special project was implemented on the territory of the two countries, reported.

Interim Head of the Department for Counteracting Drug-related Crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askar Mukhametkaliev informed that the highly qualified specialists with extensive law enforcement experience from the national security and internal affairs departments of Zhambyl Region were involved in the joint investigative operation.

The well-coordinated actions conducted jointly with Russian colleagues in Omsk and Taraz enabled to locate and detain the supplier of synthetic drugs in Russia and the addressee in Kazakhstan. The large illicit drug laboratories were uncovered in these cities during the operation.

The detained supplier produced drugs and sent them by post to the Central Asia countries, including Kazakhstan. He forged the documents and disguised drugs as parcels with motor oil or household chemicals. More than 260 kilograms of drugs with an estimated value of $9.5 million were found and seized.

04 май 2022, 07:09
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