Rahmon unveils monument, mausoleum and house-museum of Jaloliddin Balkhi

On March 21, the President of Tajikistan unveiled a monument, a mausoleum and a memory museum of the greatest representative of the Tajik nation, a 13th-century Sufi poet, Islamic theologian and fakih Mavlono Jaloliddin Balkhi in Balkh village on the second day of his trip to Khatlon Region, the press office of the President of Tajikistan reported.

The monument is located on the territory of the sports complex in the centre of the village. Its height is 17 metres. The square around the sculpture covers an area of 3.75 hectares. It is planted with 200,000 tulips, 60,000 roses and over 600 trees.

Rahmon unveiled the symbolic tomb of Jaloliddin Balkhi. The soil from the city of Konya in Turkey, where the poet is buried, was brought to the mausoleum. The facility is located on the territory of the public garden. Its area is 50 square metres, and its height is 5 metres. The sidewalks are decorated with stones, flowers and bushes. Four verses of Jaloliddin Balkhi are engraved in gold inside the tomb.

Rahmon opened the memory museum of the poet with an area of 1,000 square metres; its height is 3.5 metres. Mavlono’s memory museum has the inner and external courtyards. It houses the living room of the outstanding Tajik personality, library, kitchen and tandoor.

23 мар 2022, 09:07

Emomali Rahmon

Photo source: president.tj

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