Ashgabat hosts 5th game of «Young Heralds of the World» contest

The fifth game of the first round of the competition for young diplomats «Young Heralds of the World» took place in Turkmenistan. The topic of the contest was «Foreign policy and diplomatic traditions of the state of Khorezmshahs». In total, 8 high school students took part in the battle, as reported by online newspaper «Golden Age» on March 14.

Before the game, school students had a lecture. It was held by an employee of the Academy of Sciences Kakajan Janbekov. Young Turkmen citizens visited the Institute of History and Archeology as well.

The fifth game of the intellectual battle was attended by 5 boys and 3 girls, 9th-11th grade students. The event took place in a huge yurt, which was built specifically for the competition. The guys stood around the «Star of Oguzhan», woven in the form of a carpet.

The contestants had to answer questions and take a step forward towards the center of the star if the answer was correct. The winners were Arazjemal Ovezova and Kadyrmyrat Ovezgylyjov, 11th grade students at the general education boarding school named after Saparmurat Turkmenbashi. They received gifts, diplomas and letters of thanks from sponsors.

The sixth game will take place on March 29. The next intellectual battle will be dedicated to the foreign policy of the Ottoman Empire.

16 мар 2022, 09:24
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