Uzbekistan’s education sector transferred to electronic document management system

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) was designed for institutional and organisational management and planning, the press office of the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan reports.

According to statistics, 6.2 million children currently receive compulsory secondary education and more than 700,000 teachers and other employees work at schools of Uzbekistan.

This system is being implemented to automate most of the processes in the national public education system. ERP will allow introducing electronic document management systems at secondary and preschool educational institutions, reducing the so-called “human factor”, avoid overspending state budget allocations to education and achieving greater transparency in the exchange of information among educational institutions and higher authorities.

ERP can facilitate enrolment in first grade and the compilation of an electronic list of schoolchildren. Also, this system will be put into practice of distributing teaching hours, developing curricula, calculating salaries and assigning categories to teachers. The ERP system integrates well with databases and networks of other educational institutions and departments.

Measures are being taken to connect more than 10,000 schools across the country to the ERP system.

29 янв 2022, 09:04
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