Military operations continue in Kazakhstan, the authorities have situation under control

In the early morning on January 7, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev held a meeting of the Counter-Terrorism Task Force with the high-ranking officials of the President’s Office, the Security Council and law enforcement agencies. The participants reported on the current situation in the regions and discussed the progress of counter-terrorist actions, the press office of Akorda reported to

The President said counter-terrorist actions were going according to plan, the law enforcement agencies were working hard and the constitutional order had been almost fully restored. The local authorities in the regions had the situation under control. Counter-terrorist actions should be continued until the militants are eliminated, as terrorists continue to use weapons and inflict significant material damage on citizens of the country.

The law enforcement officials reported that the CSTO peacekeeping forces were being deployed to help Kazakhstan restore order. Their key tasks are to ensure the safety of strategic facilities.

Following the meeting, the President gave specific instructions to the high-ranking officials to stabilize and resolve the current situation.

08 янв 2022, 09:04
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