Violence and child abuse increase in Kyrgyzstan

On December 27, Commissioner for the Rights of the Child of the Kyrgyz Republic Zhyparisa Rysbekova took part in a meeting on the fight against child abuse and violence, the press office of the President of Kyrgyzstan reports.

The meeting participants noted that the problem of violence against children in the country was one of the most painful. According to statistics, in recent years, the number of reported cases of child abuse has been increasing, the violence is becoming more severe in nature, resulting in death, disability and trauma.

Rysbekova noted that the increasing number of cases of violence against children illustrated poor preventive work to eliminate its causes.

It was noted that the relevant services had failed to take timely measures to identify and provide social support to the children – victims of violence and their families, although they were vulnerable in the face of life’s difficulties.

The decision to develop child protection programme and individual family action plans was taken during the meeting.

04 янв 2022, 09:14
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